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Digitising the supply chain through OneSC

Vipra is leading the change in the pharmaceutical sector through its latest product, OneSC – a SaaS platform for end-to-end batch operations transparency, collaboration and regulatory compliance.


Mockup of a macbook displaying the OneSC platform


Collaboration & Communication

Enabling all supply chain partners to communicate seamlessly in one place.

Simplification & Standardisation

Driving standardisation across the supply chain whilst simplifying data collection and communication.

Visibility &

Providing a holistic view throughout the batch lifecycle and generating insights to identify and resolve supply chain bottlenecks.

Regulation &

Ensuring business is audit ready and is compliant to pharmaceutical regulations.

Supporting Scalable Business Growth

Ensuring batch operations are scalable and resilient to keep up with demanding business needs whilst keeping costs in check.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Optimising batch operations to facilitate accurate data-driven forecasting to reduce inventory carrying costs and carbon footprints.

About Vipra

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