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We can be flexible in how we operate; it can be a simple extension of your CTO function or it can be fully outsourced.

Managing Technology

Startups and mid-sized companies often do not need a full-time CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or Head of Engineering as their tech functions are simply not big enough. However, what is needed is technology support – for example, advising what technology to adopt, or what are the potential solutions that can help the business scale up or deliver faster.

for small-medium size enterprises

Digital transformation is now on every organisation roadmap, and the workload on CTOs has never been heavier. Vipra Technology can help companies with innovative ways to expand their CTO function without increasing their payroll or distracting from their technology strategy.

Whether you want to use technology to support your growth, reduce your costs or improve the services and offerings to your customer, we can help. We have experience in a range of industries and organisation sizes. We use that experience and good practice to best support you in achieving your goals.

Areas we can assist in

  • Be a sounding board for your C-level in aspects of technology.
  • Create technology strategies, roadmaps and reporting on delivery.
  • Develop supporting materials to articulate technology vision and strategy, including roadmaps and delivery plans.
  • Articulate the organisational structure needed to support the delivery of the strategy and ensure alignment between technology and business goals.
  • Define the key performance indicators required to support data-driven decisions.
  • Frame the objectives and key results needed to track progress towards goals.
  • Conduct technology assessments.
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Fintech STartup

The Challenge

For an entrepreneur coming from a non-tech background, it is a huge challenge to work out how to build a tech product, let alone write code, especially if there is no one in the team technically skilled. It requires experience and skill to understand how to engineer and what technology to use. So when a FinTech entrepreneur reached out, we understood the challenge he was facing in crafting a plan to get to the MVP and test his product.

How We helped

The entrepreneur engaged with our team to clearly define the problem before moving to understand what could be the solution. The Vipra team drew up plans on the technology stack for the solution and broke it down into a sequenced feature plan. The Vipra team further revised this plan to define the MVP and created estimates for the entrepreneur to secure funding and plan forward.

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Book a free 1-hour consultation with our experts

Book a free 1-hour consultation with our experts