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With the right DevOps practices, your business can respond to market changes as they happen, and reduce the time it takes for your products to bring in revenue.

DevOps from Vipra

Vipra Technology can provide you with;

  • DevOps capabilities that would enable you to deliver your software up to several times a day
  • Automation of infrastructure so that your developers never lack an environment for development or testing
  • Extensive automated testing which would ensure that every update to your product maintains the existing standards of quality
  • Automation of operations so that your developers can focus their time on development
  • Coaching Good Practices so that your developers can keep up good habits on their own

Our Approach

  • Automate the infrastructure so that it takes at most 10 minutes to spin up an environment
  • Automate the deployments to environments so that:
    • Developers don’t struggle to do deployments themselves
    • Developers have as many environments as they need as quickly as they need them
  • Automate the running of tests so that:
    • Any changes are automatically checked before
    • Developers only get distracted from their work when attention is needed
  • Create delivery pipelines that automatically test, build, and deploy any changes pushed by the developers
  • Use all of the above to automate the versioning, release, and delivery process, so that any new changes from developers navigate through the appropriate environments into production with all the necessary checks and processes in place
DevOps Illustration

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Book a free 1-hour consultation with our experts