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Digital Product Design

We deliver impactful user-centric design services that solve real-world problems through clever design, eye-catching interfaces and technology innovations.


Looking for a new interface/experience? Our team of design experts are here to help you create a beautiful product.

Usability Testing

Have you developed a product and looking to evaluate it with your potential users? We can help!

User Research

Not sure about your product direction? Are you feeling unsure about your audience or the demand?

Expert Review

Our experts review your product's UX to inform your product strategy and enhance your customer's experiences.

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Product Design

We offer both UX and UI design (can be standalone or a package if needed) and we work to ensure you get the best of both worlds. Our UX design service aims to create engaging and emotive design solutions backed by strong research to validate the work. After UX, the UI service produces interface concepts that combine your user needs and your brand’s aesthetic qualities into a compelling digital solution.

We essentially design for anything you need, whether that is a mobile app, web, a product, a brand package, or even if you are simply looking to upgrade your interface.

Usability Testing

We ensure your product is efficiently evaluated and validated for a smooth sailing experience for future users by conducting usability testing sessions.

Testing Type 1: Exploratory

Exploratory usability testing is typically conducted early on in the design process. Moderators conduct unstructured workshops with participants where they have the freedom to openly discuss ideas, brainstorm solutions and express needs. The workshops identify workflows, pain points, possible bugs and edge cases, and collects rapid feedback.

Testing Type 2: Assessment

In a moderated usability testing session, a moderator would conduct the study by giving the participant a set of instructions to follow or tasks to complete. They remain with the participant throughout for guidance and assistance.

If it is remote, the session takes the form of a video interview where the participant completes the tasks using the provided interface shared with the moderator. In turn, the moderator would be observing the participant for body language, interactions & patterns. This will allow for an immediate probing follow-up on any obstacles or confusions as well as more candid feedback.

Testing Type 3: Validation

The participant is given the tasks to complete in their own time, at their own pace and without any interference. This results in a more natural interaction with the design/product as they aren’t being observed, as well as insights into the time on task and completion rate. In this case, the session would be recorded to be analysed by the moderator and used to extract key insights to improve the product’s design.

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User Research

User research is an essential part of the design process as it gathers valuable insights into the users to produce the best and most relevant user experience. It gives a look into their behaviour, their needs and preferences and ensures there’s an actual demand for the product.

  • Interviews: these are typically one-on-one sessions with users or customers to understand complex problems, have open candid discussions, and gather feedback.
  • Card Sorting: This is a simple exercise in which participants are given the task of categorising, labelling and describing information – which in turn allows you to understand how they think, their jargon, organise content and validate the overall information architecture. 
  • Contextual Interview/Observation: Unlike normal interviews, this is a research method in which the participant is observed, with no interference, interacting with the product. This provides insight into their natural workflow within context, uncover edge cases and other use cases, and how they go about problems they face.

Expert Review

An expert review is an end to end audit of the experience your customers receive when they interact with your business via a website, app, digital product at every single stage of their interaction journey. Grounded in a strong understanding of your customer segments, we ensure all aspects of the product or service are intuitive and pleasurable to use.

We operationalise several proven review methods when carrying out an expert review depending on the size and complexity of the project. Whichever method suits your business the output is a report, containing an overview of the actions we carry out and a clear set of UX insights and actionable recommendations.

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Book a free 1-hour consultation with our experts