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Helping Startups

Understanding the problem startups are seeking to solve, and helping them design & build products quickly & cost effectively.

Our teams work with entrepreneurs to help them take their ideas forward through design thinking, user journey mapping and MVP design & development. That is not where the support stops, our team assists in preparing business cases, pitch decks and prototypes that can be used to present to customers as well as investors.

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Phase 1:


  • Define the problem.
  • Document the challenges.
  • Create mass solutions options.


Clear understanding of problems that need solving together with a portfolio of solutions.


  • Problem statements. 
  • Associated solutions. 
  • Related costs.
  • Effort to help decide on solution.

Phase 2:


  • Narrow down solutions. 
  • Choose what to prototype out of the solutions.


Problem/solution pair to prototype.


  • Agree the prototype using a storyboard.
  • Produce wireframes and sketches.

Phase 3:


  • Build clickable prototype.


Visualisation of the solution that can be presented to users and investors.


  • Clickable prototype to present to users.

Phase 4:


  • Ethnography. 
  • Test prototype with real users. 
  • Observe, watch, ask what they are feeling.


Qualitative data from users on confirming the solution solves the pain and creates value.


  • Collate findings and research.
  • Recordings of the users using the prototype.
  • Summary feedback.

Phase 5:


  • Create artefacts required for investor pitches. 
  • Define product strategy with a prioritised product roadmap. 


Ready to go to investors armed with pitch decks, clickable prototype and product strategy.


  • Draft pitch decks (reading desk, presenting deck).
  • 2 pagers targeted at HNW, Angels and VCs.
  • Create product strategy.

Phase 6:


  • Create Technology Strategy and Roadmap in alignment with Product Strategy


Estimated cost of delivering the technology roadmap and clarity on what to ask investors for and what the money will be used for. 


  • Gantt chart with sequenced activities in priority order together with estimated cost.



  • Create static company website and associated social media presence (FB, Insta, Twitter, TikTok etc).


Framework to raise awareness of the problem that the start-up is seeking to solve together with an option to register for the solution. 


  • Website, Social media accounts.
  • Mailchimp or similar customer record management.

Technology Support

Founders often do not have the technical know-how in developing the technology solution, or if they do, they do not have access to developers to help build.  In summary, the help founders need is;


& Solution

Develop a clickable prototype, produce storyboards and wireframes & test the solution.


Product Development

Hire a development team to develop a fully-fledged product (V1 or MVP).


Establish Processes

• Cloud Code Repository
• Devops
• Requirements to code traceability
• Production monitoring
• Agile development practices.


to Startup

Transfer team and practices to startup when a CTO function is in place.



Read more about our CTO services here

Healthtech startup

The Challenge

The founding team had an immense challenge in condensing a complex problem they were solving into a simple customer journey that could be communicated to investors. The team had iterated around the product a number of times and were now in a position to move forward in securing seed funding to take the startup to the next stage. Vipra Technology were engaged to help prepare materials supporting the pitch deck.

How We helped

Vipra Technology is currently engaging with the team to help develop a clear user journey map together with a clickable prototype which can be used to communicate to investors as well as test with potential users. Vipra started with interviews with the team and the team employing design thinking activities and ethnography techniques get a complete understanding of the customer pain and their need. The production of the user journey map and clickable prototype will follow which will support the founders to test their concept and then move to the fundraising stage.

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