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Our Journey

Vipra Technology (aka Vipra.Tech) started in October 2020 with our founder, Jitesh, conducting a technology assessment for a medium-sized pharmaceutical client. It was his first engagement upon completing his MBA and leaving the corporate world. The project involved conducting design thinking exercises to uncover pain points and establish a three-year technology roadmap to address the problems and take the organisation forward with a solid digital foundation.

Jitesh continued to engage with clients who needed help articulating their tech vision and roadmaps. Helping startups also grew as a service – where Vipra.Tech assisted with minimum-viable-product (MVP) visualisation and development. He also came to realise that small-to-medium-sized organisations needed help with technology as they often did not have a technology leader or a technology department. In these situations, Jitesh acted as the outsourced tech function (aka Outsourced CTO Office).

He continued consulting for various clients, and then in December 2020, a pharmaceutical client asked Vipra.Tech to be their digital partner and assist in delivering the proposed three-year tech vision. This was a massive step up as the initial engagements did not involve delivery. Delivery required an engineering team, and Davide joined Vipra.Tech to build out the function to establish development practices and processes. Whilst sounding simple, this is very complex – i.e. decisions needed to be made on which cloud provider to use, which frameworks and tools, establish a DevOps pipeline and so on… no small feat.

In April 2021, Vivek joined as our Lead User Experience Designer to help facilitate user requirement workshops and assist with visualising solutions. This was needed to support our approach in first understanding the customer and the problems they are looking to solve and then creating a tailored solution with the customer at the centre. This requires dedicated resources as the sectors we work in require deep analysis.

The teams have grown massively with these two key individuals leading their respective functions, and we currently stand at twelve people. It is hard to believe that eighteen months ago, Vipra.Tech was just one person! Our team members are all working remotely, some in Romania and some in the UK. Vipra.Tech also leveraged the government’s Kickstarter scheme, and to date, we are supporting three individuals in gaining essential work experience, and it is our way of contributing to society.

Our journey has been incredible, and we have had our fair share of ups and downs; the one major hurdle we faced was starting a business during covid!  Generating business leads and securing new business was extremely difficult as we could not meet with customers face to face.  However, we have fantastic team members who are genuinely passionate about what they do, and no challenge is too small.  We leveraged our networks to generate leads and are very grateful that we secured a great set of clients that we are helping with digital transformation initiatives.

Our focus is now two-fold–first, to help small-to-medium-sized organisations leverage technology to help achieve their business goals, and second, to help startups develop their first products.  Vipra.Tech continues to grow, and we are sure updating this blog in a year’s time will be another story that will need to be told!

 June 2022

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